About me

Hello, and welcome to Pia Pham’s webpage! This blog is for me to present myself and talk about what I do, who I am, and what I’ve been working on. I would very much like to encourage conversations and discussions in my post, so I will be looking forward to hearing from all of you who are interested in the contents of this website as well as joining in a constructive conversation!

Being an International Student

My full name is An Nguyen Thien Pham, but I usually go by Pia. I am an international student from Vietnam. As an International Relations major , I am willing to learn, flexible and agile to the changing environment that I am facing everyday in my life. I want to be an inspirational person, as i am someone who love to connect people together, help others to feel good about themselves, be more confident and spread a positive mind to everyone.

14670768_1523773150973217_5960242062021759609_nIn 2015-2016, I was an exchange student in Florida and North Carolina. My experience as a communicator and a student has been enhanced greatly and positively throughout the year.

I am also an adventurous person, as I love traveling and seeing new places. You could see my pictures of where I’ve traveled to through this link.

Being an ASIAN studying abroad in AMERICA

My academic journey so far has been really satisfactorily challenging. Being in a country where people don’t speak my native language and acquiring knowledge in that language, I have met some great people who are really talented and empowering, and that humbles me as a scholar and a human beings. There were times where I struggled with the clash of my identity and another culture’s value, and there were times when I simply stood out of the flow and watched as people went by and asked myself a question : “Who am I?” .

I am, in fact, trying to find myself in the mist of differences, between an individual’s value and social’s value, between being a collectivist living in an individualism culture ( Which I did a research on! ). I am still working on defining myself, but also learning from others. I hope that through my works and what I collected as well as learned throughout my academic journey, I could empower other international students, especially Asians and Vietnamese, to pursue their dreams and continue on inspiring others. I will keep on updating this e-portfolio as I continue on my studying, and keep expanding this “database” of knowledge and be as resourceful as I could.

What this e-portfolio is for

As for this blog post, I want to share to you what I do. I am currently a student in the Lane Honor’s Program at Lane community college, a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, an International Ambassador, a social justice enthusiast, a calligrapher, a musician, a writer, and a dreamer. I want to create a catalog that can record what I have accomplished and inspire others to achieve their academic goal through observing my process of growing and learning.

Invitation to Inquiry is the first step that I decided to take to further my academic path and explore my abilities. I am thankful for my instructors and classmates who have all created a friendly and informative learning environment.

As of now, I am currently finishing my second Seminar : Honors Capstone, and getting more involved with research and its process. Capstone is a group research project where I got to work with awesome and progressive people to look at American Standard English and it’s effects specifically on Oregon high school students.

Academics: This would provide you an insight of my academic experiences throughout the term : How joining Lane Honors Program has helped me improve as a scholar, my annotated bibliography, scholar biography, and final reflective essay with two paragraphs of reflection for each assignment.

Goals : This would give you a sense about my academic and extracurricular goals. However I would focus mainly on my academic goals : my time at Lane, joining the Lane Honors Program, and my Spring 2018 term.

Learning outside the classroom: Included are pictures of my Seminar Symposium, my class ‘s field trip to University of Oregon and other events organized by the Lane Honors Program that I have attended. This section also let you to know me more as a person and where my interests lie through my Video collections (yay) and my Writings.